Why to attend our school?

“First class education is the best investment in life. We feel responsible for our students and for their good preparation for life - after all, this is a goal of every prestigious school. We are glad that we are able to fulfil this aim.” Veronika Mallatová Bartošová, the headmistress of the school.


EDUCAnet Praha s.r.o. - Grammar and Secondary Information Technology School is a four year non-state secondary school which main mission statement is to prepare students for university education as well as for practical life.  The school provides conditions for balanced development of students’ personality in utmost support of information technologies in all areas of life. Our aim is to join high quality preparation for university education with acquisition of knowledge and gaining useful skills in working process.

EDUCAnet Praha is a top secondary school which provides general secondary education and information technology education in full-time and distance form of study. We are unique due to implementing modern teaching methods, strategies and using exquisite equipment. Our motto is: Extras, Communication, Distinction, Entertainment, Reliance and Professionality.



Our students always find something extra at our school. Apart from extended language lessons, our students improve their knowledge and develop their fluency and gain new skills through a range of optional seminars. They can choose from wide range of subjects such as History in English, Literature in English, conversation classes, Business English, IT in English, etc.

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) method is used in teaching subjects such as science, art, music and geography to students through a foreign language.

Students participate in various international projects and visit a lot of different countries.

Computer Aided Learning (CAL) is a commonly used teaching method.  All classrooms are equipped with a ceiling-mounted digital projector and have a good access to Wi-Fi signal.

The school also provides notebooks for students who do not have their own ones and show interest in.

Our students can earn internationally recognized language certificates; get computer and sport certifications in a close cooperation and partnership with Google, DELL, IBM and other world known companies.



E-learning is a unique element of our teaching. We use Google Classroom a free web-based platform that integrates Google Apps for Education account with all Google Apps services, including Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar. E-learning saves time and paper, and makes it easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized. Apart from Google Apps we use wide range of regularly updated own teaching materials. E-learning allows students to choose content and tools appropriate to their differing interests, needs, and skill levels. 24/7 accessibility makes scheduling easy and allows a greater number of students to attend classes.



Communication is a key instrument in our school. Each student receives his or her own email account upon arrival. They can communicate with all teachers, chat through the internal message system or share documents such as written assignments and presentations.  They can create, edit documents and share files from any device via: Google Drive and send them to Google Shared Documents.

Keeping parents informed is a yearlong responsibility. Students and parents are regularly informed of news and events happening at school on the school Facebook page and in Google Calendar.

They acquire important information about timetable at the system Bakalari where both parents and students may check absence and attendance, amount of homework required or the class schedule.

Teachers are ready to meet students' needs, whether it's a request for a progress report, or advice on assignments or any administrative issues. Parents and students can contact teachers via email or call them.



Distinction of EDUCAnet Grammar School is especially in breaking all stereotype imaginations about stressful or boring school environment. Students attend our school without fear, having the ability to perform well and meet all the requirements.


Entertainment and Reliance

Fun and teaching are not in opposition at our school. Creating a positive school climate, interesting lessons, welcoming atmosphere and friendly relationships are our main priorities. Social events contribute to the fact that students enjoy spending time at school and they actively participate in after school activities. They frequently come up with some new ideas and have in view as those ideas become part of the school life. This is firmly connected with reliance and a friendly approach.



We are convinced that professionality of our teachers and all our employees is an essential presumption of exquisite education. Only a well-motivated teacher, who is pedagogically and psychologically educated, can teach the way required by modern society and contemporary world.


For more information please contact the headmistress of the school:

Email: veronika.bartosova@educanet.cz

Tel.: 774 073 339


You can find us on the address below:

EDUCAnet - Gymnázium, střední odborná škola a základní škola Praha, s.r.o.

Jírovcovo náměstí 1782/1

Praha 4 - Chodov


11. 09. 2017 – Zahájení dálkového studia pro školní rok 2017/18

11. 09. 2017 – Rozpis ústních maturitních zkoušek, podzim 2017

05. 09. 2017 – Cambridge English Exam Dates Autumn/Winter 2017

05. 09. 2017 – Nabídka jazykové výuky

28. 08. 2017 – Termíny DZK - září 2017

31. 07. 2017 – Termíny opravných zkoušek

07. 07. 2017 – EDUCAnet Praha students score high marks in Online Placement Test


20. 06. 2017 – A unique opportunity to gain international recognition and valuable prizes

24. 05. 2017 – Essay Competition standings

15. 05. 2017 – Rozpis ústních maturit

15. 05. 2017 – Výsledky didaktických testů

28. 04. 2017 – Výsledky 1. kola přijímacích zkoušek

10. 04. 2017 – Cambridge English Exam Dates Spring/Summer 2017

10. 04. 2017 – EDUCAnet Praha has become a partner school of AKCENT IH Prague

08. 02. 2017 – NeT Schools of EDUCAnet Essay Competition 2017


13. 12. 2016 – Nové možnosti, nová cesta k cíli:

04. 12. 2016 – Mundo Hispano

10. 06. 2016 – Staň se závodníkem!

15. 03. 2016 – Fantastic opportunity for students

05. 02. 2016 – Nové prostory školy

23. 11. 2015 – Cambrige English

18. 11. 2015 – English Olympics

10. 11. 2015 – Španělská olympiáda

05. 11. 2015 – Cambridge First (FCE) Exam Day at EDUCAnet Praha

04. 09. 2015 – Uplatnění absolventů (zdroj: www.profesia.cz)

02. 07. 2015 – Podpořte školu

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