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EDUCAnet Praguemember of a private schools network

Project EDUCAnet

Our company is the founder of schools in various places in the Czech Republic. These are kindergarten, primary, secondary and vocational schools - information technology and economics. The uniqueness that is common to our facilities lies in the unique concept of applying classical and modern teaching methods. Additional benefit is the usage of information technology to the extent that has not existed in our country so far and is fully comparable with the most prestigious facilities of this type, for example, in Denmark, the UK or Germany.

Vision of the Founder

Administer a modern network of high schools that offer quality education all in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that prepares students for life. The individual schools of the network combine the best of traditional teaching with modern methods, especially information technology, support the natural development of the pupil's personality, his individual talent and give each pupil a personal approach.

Successful Graduates

Thanks to our state-of-the-art teaching methods, technical equipment and the cooperation of the best experts in the development of educational plans, our graduates can expect a successful transition to local and international universities of all types and a smooth implementation in the labor market.

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